Projects: Hungary
● July 1, 2017
● Kassai valley, Kaposmérő, Hungary

Some footprints that we leave can be fleeting, almost intangible: memories, knowledge, skills that are passed from generation to generation.

The second Giant Step was dedicated to the ancient Hungarian tradition of horseback archery that was almost forgotten but revived and popularised by Lajos Kassai, a multiple world champion in equestrian archery.

The second footprint came out of nature and the human spirit: women dressed in white dresses, spinning in each of 39 circles mowed on the field, formed the installation in the shape of a giant footprint. The performance was accompanied by Hungarian folk music and dance, a craft fair and horseback archery exercises led by master Lajos Kassai.

The event was organised by Tibor Szombathelyi, a Hungarian rural lifestyle guru and founder of Élet Iskola (School of Life), and many devoted volunteers.

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