Projects: Australia
● October 10-11, 2015
● Sandgate Beach, Brisbane, Australia

Just like life came out of the water, the very first Giant Step came out of the ocean and settled on the shores of Brisbane, Australia. The footprint was constructed out of 152 local untreated bamboo poles assembled on Sandgate Beach during the low tide. Unnoticed by the viewer on land, the poles formed the giant footprint seen only from above. The public was able to walk between the bamboo poles, without having any concept of them taking shape.

The installation was accompanied by indigenous Australian sounds of didgeridoo performed by the infinitely talented native Australian musician Tjupurru.

Loretta Henry, the creative director and writer of Elysium Theatre, became the project manager in Australia. The project was implemented with the support of Music by the Sea, Elysium Theatre, Labor Councillor Jared Cassidy and a generous donor who wished to stay anonymous.

And, of course, an installation of this magnitude and detail could not materialise without the generosity and enthusiasm of the volunteers who gave up their time to ensure the success of the artwork.

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