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Viliam Mauritz
Viliam Mauritz, a Swiss visual artist born in 1949 along the Danube in former Czechoslovakia, has crafted a life rich in artistic exploration. Raised in Bratislava, he completed his secondary education in 1968 before embarking on a journey that led him to Switzerland. In this new land, he embraced roles as a plasterer-painter and worked in the post office, all while immersing himself in the study of French.

In 1970, Mauritz successfully navigated the entrance examination for the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Lausanne, where he delved into the realms of painting and sculpture until 1975. His dedication and talent were rewarded with an impressive diploma in painting and sculpture with honors Excellent, paving the way for a scholarship that facilitated his pursuit of a Master's degree in sculpture at California State University Long Beach from 1976 to 1978.

Since earning his Master's degree, Mauritz has passionately pursued his artistic endeavours as an independent visual artist based in Switzerland, punctuated by several enriching sojourns abroad. His diverse body of work, spanning drawings, paintings, sculptures, and installations, serves as a profound exploration of the intangible, elusive, and vibrational essence constituting our world.

Beyond gallery and museum exhibitions across multiple countries, Mauritz dedicates himself to the expansive visual project "Giant Steps." Rooted in serendipitous encounters, this project is a global odyssey, a contemplative "walk" that unveils unfathomable imprints left behind by individuals and cultures, guided by the capricious dance of chance.
Cow (50x50cm). Mixed media on canvas.
Elephant (50x50cm). Mixed media on canvas.
Gorilla (50x50cm). Mixed media on canvas.
Prague (90x90cm). Enhanced drawing on paper.
New York (90x90cm). Enhanced drawing on paper.
Venice (90x90cm). Enhanced drawing on paper.
St. Petersburg (90x90cm). Enhanced drawing on paper.
Prague – triptych (203x140cm). Mixed media on canvas.
Watchers of uncertainty (52x26x26cm). One is real soap and the other looks like it.
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