About us
Each of us leaves a footprint: cultural, ecological, social...

Sometimes, we have to distance ourselves to see the imprints of our actions. Just like that, the Giant Steps installation seems shapeless and chaotic when you are in the middle of it, but forms a perfectly shaped footprint that can only be seen from above.

Giant Steps is an art project that consists of a large-scale installation in the shape of a giant footprint and an event celebrating the local culture. The project uses the image of a footprint, a strong and universally recognizable symbol, to encourage the viewer to reflect on the imprint of our everyday actions.

Our goal is to walk the world shedding light on the imprints of as many personalities and cultures as possible. The installation is always constructed from natural materials native to the area of the event.
We know where this journey begins, but we don't know where it ends: Australia, Hungary, Brazil, Russia, Caatinga deserts and Siberian plains... The Giant Steps art project is not just an installation, it's a question: what footprint are you leaving behind?
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