Projects: Brazil
● October 6-8, 2017
● Indigenous Territory Raposa Serra do Sol, Roraima, Brazil

The third Giant Steps project took place on the indigenous land of the Macushi people. It was dedicated to the imprint of this infinitely rich and important culture, their battle for survival.

Macushi are the largest indigenous group in the Brazilian state of Roraima, amounting to around 40 000 people. Despite hundreds of years of colonisation and oppression, the Macushi managed to preserve their legends, stories, songs and rituals, so we, the world, could bear witness to their astonishing legacy.

The installation was formed from 39 indigenous bonfires and accompanied by Macushi rituals, dances, clay drawing and horse riding.

We are immensely thankful to Brazilian anthropologist Nina Vincent, who acted as the interpreter, and Jaider Esbell, a multi-talented Macushi artist, poet and activist, who managed the project and allowed us, outsiders, to emerge into the world of his people.
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