Projects: Brazil
● November 2022
● Fazenda do Barreiro territory, Pernambuco, Caatinga, Brazil

Caatinga is a unique biome that covers nearly 10% of Brazil's territory. It is home to 26 million people and over 2000 species of plants, fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds, including 2 of the 10 most threatened birds in the world: the indigo macaw and little blue macaw.

However, the severe overuse of Caatinga for grazing and browsing for so many centuries has resulted in large-scale environmental modification of the region. This magical region is gradually turning into a desert. There are few drinkable water sources, and harvesting is difficult because of the irregular rainfall.

The goal of the Caatinga Giant Step is to revitalise this region by merging art and environmental activism. A several-kilometre-long installation in the shape of a giant footprint made out of trees, shrubs and plants of all kinds would bring hope and inspiration to this deserted region.

The project is being realised under the management of Brazilian journalist Alvaro Severo. The creation of the agroforest in the shape of a giant footprint in Caatinga aims to bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities to make a positive imprint on our environment.

In November 2022, we finished the formation of the 14 circles that make up the giant footprint. It is now up to the locals to populate the circles with vegetation and help their region flourish again.
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